Our Leaders


  • Patrick, Houyoux
    President - Director

    “Cyber Crime Affects not only The Macroeconomy and global security, but all of us as well.”

    Indeed, according to a former annual report of the White House economic advisers to the President of the United States, the Internet and the large-scale piracy that it carries represent one of the greatest threats to the US economy. The sectors of energy and international finance “are, internally, interconnected and interdependent with other sectors but also strongly connected to the Internet and, therefore, [would] represent a higher risk of a possible repercussion on the entire economy in the event of a disastrous cyber attack”

    So, all sectors of the economy in the world can become a target of a cyber attack.

    It sends shivers down your spine when hearing that 5 million emails are sent each hour spreading the malware WCry, WannaCry, WanaCryptOr, WannaCrypt or WanaDecryptOr (Forcepoint Security Labs, May 2017) and that RANSOMWARE ATTACK was already carried out every 40 seconds during the third quarter of 2016 (Kaspersky). RANSOMWARE “ready for use” are offered by hackers on the dark web. The ransomware software can spread directly from one computer to another on local servers.

    Each of us is a potential victim. Each of us must protect his data, his connected installations, mobile phones, laptop or computers. Since 2014, PT SYDECO and its young dynamic and very competent engineers are working to protect mobile payments, the data and all connected electronic equipment.

    PT SYDECO has invested in the Research and Development and is proud to present the result of its researches: SSP (Secure System of Payment), SST (Secure System of Transmission) and ARCHANGEL. Through his hard work, PT SYDECO and his engineers, data scientists, physicists, contribute to securing the Internet in its uses at the level of nations, business and at the individual level.

    I would like to thank all SYDECO members who have contributed to the creation of our new products at the forefront of computer security and all those who trust us.


  • Gema Sasmita

    It cannot be denied that the condition of cyber security in Indonesia is currently facing serious challenges. According to data, the number of cyber attacks in Indonesia has increased quite significantly every year. The impact is not only felt by the government sector, but also by various industrial sectors such as banking, e-commerce, and even education.

    However, amidst the challenges, we also see great opportunities and hopes for the future. Increasing public understanding of the importance of cyber security, supported by the acceleration of digital transformation in various aspects of society, provides space for PT SYDECO to contribute more in maintaining Indonesia's cyber security

    In the future, cyber security trends are predicted to continue to develop, especially in line with the increasingly rapid internet penetration and digitalization in Indonesia. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are also expected to play an increasingly important role in increasing the features and sophistication of cyber security technology.

    We at PT SYDECO are committed to continuing to work hard to provide the best cyber security solutions for Indonesia. Because we believe, cyber security is no longer an option, but has become a necessity.

    We are very happy to be able to build your data security, and we hope that together we can create a safe and trustworthy digital environment.

    Warm greetings,
    Gema Sasmita