Code of Conduct

  • Code of Conduct

    In regard to maintain a Good Corporate Governance, Code of Conduct applies to the Board of Commissioners, Directors, and all employees of PT SYDECO in all levels of the organization. Regulations and Code of Conduct are binding and must be truly understood and observed by all levels in order to support the implementation of GCG principles. Should fraudulence or violation occur the offender will be subjected to penalty/punishment according to the level of violation and if criminal, then it will be reported to the authorities.

    Key Contents of the Code are as follow:

    – Act at any time in a professional manner;
    – Be always role models;
    – Maintain good relationship in the team and with third parties;
    – Maintain confidentiality;
    – Maintain work and data safety;
    – Do not abuse authority to take benefit whether
    – directly or indirectly, for personal or other parties’ gain;
    – Prevent conflict of interest;
    – Prohibited from giving, accepting bribery, gifts or gratification;
    – Prohibited from being members and donors of a political party;
    – Prohibited from disclosing inaccurate information;
    – Prohibited from abusing corporate identity;
    – Prohibited from using client’s money.